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Contact for Premium Business Services

1) Power Profit Trapper(PPT)-Worldwide

a)For the submission of proof payment for the purchase of PPT to claim strategy no.3 till 5
i)   Email Address :

b) Support for PPT
i)   Email Address :


2) Course / Training (only available in Malaysia territory)

a)Seat confirmation / course information
i)   Telephone number : 016-2890351
ii)  Whatapp number    : 016-2890351

(Please call or whatapp our admin if you are not received any seat confirmation within 24 hours after your proof payment submission).

b) Request for refund of course fee
i)   Email Address :

ii)   Telephone number : 016-2890351
iii)  Whatapp number    : 016-2890351

(Please refer to our “Terms and Conditions For Course/Training” for the refund policy)