Application As A Partner Of Training Provider (Worldwide)

Lets becoming partner with us

The application has to make via email at as a training partner provider after 6 months of attending the course of purchased of PPT. The management of SM Edigital Enterprise (the company) will evaluate the ability as a training partner provider by questionare evaluation. After the evaluation process is successful the management will email an pre-appointment order as a training partner provider. After receiving the pre-appointment order by the company, the training partner has to follow the following conditions :-

a) The training partner provider has to pay the commitment fee of USD1,000 and account particulars as follows:


ii) Account Number : 5560 9326 2750


iv) Swift Code/ Meps Bank  Routing Code : MBISMYKL

v) City & State: Kuantan , Pahang

vi) Country : MALAYSIA

*Please email the payment slip to

b) The training partner provider has to build their own website and affiliate website. They are allow to use contents as guideline and strictly not allowed to raise fund using or its affiliate link website. The training fund raising by themselves and the company is totally not involve on it. Strictly not allow to raise fund for the purpose of forex trading capital. The company will take a legal actions against the disobey training partner. The training partner is allow to use any forex brokers for the promotion at their own website but only allow to promote “ Power Profit Trapper” as an Expert Advisor.

c) The partner training provider must use their contact informations for their participants for the support purposes. Please submit your website link for the evaluation purpose at

d) The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages suffered through any act or omission  taken as a result of participating the training provided by the training partner provider.

e) The training partner provider’s website evaluation & approval  will take 1 month. After getting the approval via written letter, the company will sent an “Training Partner Agreement” for the signing purpose. After the signing process, the training partner provider can start their training programmes.

f) The commitment fee of USD1,000 is refundable if the approval is unsuccessful. The training partner provider is strictly not allow to collect the money for the purpose to appoint a sub training partner provider. Application for training partner provider must be made via the company website at