Intro & Advantages Of Power Profit Trapper (PPT)

Power profit trapper

a) PPT is a fully automated Artificial Intelligence Expert Advisor (EA) designed for volatile and ranging market with of 5 strategies such Trend Power Booster (Trending Market) , Trend Booster (Trending Market) , Martingale (Market Reversal) , Hedging (Trending Market) and Power Profit Trapper (Trend + Market Reversal) with special mathematical algorithms with impreshive money management settings.

b) Super intelligent mode will protect the EA from the cracker version and with profit mode. The PPT downloaded from MQL4 website is only the trusted and original version. The PPT will not work properly or on the losing mode if downloaded from other sources.

c) Each and every formula at the root of the PPT has been tested thoroughly under the conditions of slowly and rapidly changing market. Theoretically, PPT can work with practically any currency pair but we have limited only to major pairs with lower pips to avoid unnessary slippage charges by the broker. 


a) This EA is very suitable for the affiliate trading trader (commission based on volume of trading by affiliate trader) due to very high trading frequency.

b) Hidden stop loss and profit which will not shown to your forex broker.

c) This EA will trap the market by hidden algorithms and the broker will not know the trapping methods. The grid distance and trapping lot setup will trap the market according to trader’s need. The trapping methods similar as below which means if the trading reach the yellow zone therefore the EA already make the profit.

d) Superb settings (please refer to General Setting Notes). 28 types of setting in one EA.

e) Multiple superb trading styles (please refer to trading styles).